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Ellis Global is working with one of the largest multi-national oil, gas and chemical corporations to develop software and hardware technologies and associated processes to improve the profitability and effectiveness of billion-dollar projects. The Ellis team identified and validated concepts and ranked the proposed technical approaches based on their return on investment and probability of success. In addition to participating in innovation development sessions, Ellis Global is now capitalizing on its existing relationships with potential partners and solution providers, making essential connections for the client.  Building on decades of experience in the Engineering Procurement and Construction industry, Ellis’ holistic approach helps eliminate sub-optimal development of technology.



advanced construction materials

Ellis Global’s focus on advancing the engineering and construction industry includes helping entities not typically associated with the industry introduce well established manufacturing and commercial processes and materials aimed at improving the quality, workability and economics of traditional construction. For example, polymers in the form of long-chain synthesized molecules have been deployed for non-building applications since the 1950’s. Yet, as the science associated with this material has evolved, so has its potential for construction applications. Ellis Global is working with advanced material developers to expedite the delivery of products to the construction market while taking into account the industry’s conservative practices and oftentimes contradictory regulations, codes and standards.




In addition to advancing engineering and construction on Earth, Ellis Global is currently engaged exploring construction techniques in outer space. We are working closely with a national space agency to support a global competition to develop concepts for Martian and lunar habitats. This includes writing rules and judging criteria for public competitions in which entrants — seeking to win millions of dollars in prizes for their ideas — propose means and methods to construct these habitats. Ellis Global is now engaged in the preliminary engineering required for developing facilities on the Moon and Mars, and has had publications accepted for presentations at conferences in the United States and Europe.