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Ellis Global helps companies and organizations in the engineering and construction industry — and those that want to deliver commercialized products to support it — harness the power of technology and innovation to grow and thrive. Our mission is straightforward: help forward-looking companies and organizations revolutionize the E&C industry.

Transformative/disruptive technologies and competitive market conditions are challenging E&C enterprises. As a forward-looking strategic, business operations and technical advisory firm, we are passionate about shaping the future of the E&C industry. Are you?




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What We Do



For companies looking to commercialize technology for the E&C industry we view ourselves as pioneers and connectors, helping them evaluate opportunities and establishing key linkages in order to accelerate the time needed to bring a  product or service to market.



Incorporating the array of new and emerging technologies — IoT, BIM, virtual design and construction, RFID, wearable and site safety technologies and others — into viable products and services can be perplexing. Ellis Global can guide you through the decision-making maze to identify the areas of the greatest return, ways to deploy new technologies, and their impact on your organization.



What strategies should you employ to capitalize on new trends while integrating technologies into your E&C product and service offerings? How will technologies disrupt your business model? How do you effectively manage and avoid risks associated with these new opportunities? What new resources or expertise will be required?

Drawing from a network of global resources and its own insights — honed from hands-on project management, technical and business operations experience — Ellis Global is passionate about revolutionizing the E&C industry.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
— Steve Jobs


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